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I am a physician at a local ER in the St. Louis area, and when I have clients that come in with emergency dental work, I can always rely on Urgent Dental Care to meet my clients’ needs. Because of the high quality care at a very affordable price and little to no wait time, I refer all my clients to Urgent Dental Care.
– Dr. S. Kritz, SLU Emergency Room

I had an emergency with a broken tooth, and I visited Urgent Dental Care. My experience there was by far the best service I have ever experienced with any dental office. I was seen within two hours of my telephone call on a Saturday, and the service was incredible. The dentist was very attentive and professional. This place is also very affordable, and I will be sending all my friends and family there.
– Sara Williams, RN

On the morning of my daughter’s wedding, I fell and chipped my front tooth. My regular dentist does not work on Saturdays, and I couldn’t imagine going through the wedding and pictures with a broken tooth. Urgent Dental Care fixed my tooth within a couple of hours, and I was able smile through the whole rest of the day!
– Nancy

My teenage son got his two front teeth knocked out in a Thanksgiving Day hockey game. Urgent Dental Care was able to him, even though it was holiday. They saved my son’s teeth and his smile for life!
– David

They really took the time to make me feel comfortable and welcome. After fixing my toothache, I will be returning for regular cleanings.
– Marcus

I am 100% satisfied. Relieving my tooth pain is priceless. Keep up the great work!
– Karla

I was in so much pain; I wanted to die. The dentist at Urgent Dental took care of me on a Sunday, and I was pain free by Monday. Thank you!
– Rodney

I used to avoid the dentist, because I was afraid. But without regular cleanings, I ended up with a lot of tooth problems and needed a root canal. The dentist did a great job making me comfortable and relieving my pain. Now I go for regular cleanings and I’m no longer afraid.
– Jennifer

Everyone is so friendly and always answers all my questions.
– Geoff

Urgent Dental staff are very professional and provide great care.
– Wayne

I am impressed with the dentist. She is always nice and appears to genuinely care about my comfort.
– Tammie

The dentist offered so much information for maintenance and follow up. I felt like she cared. Thank you!
– Sharon

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