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Problems with Dental Fillings

Tooth sensitivity following placement of a filling is fairly common. A tooth may be sensitive to pressure, air or change in temperature. Usually the sensitivity resolves by itself within a few days. Pain relievers are generally not required.

Contact your dentist if the sensitivity does not subside within two to four weeks, or if your tooth is extremely sensitive, your dentist may recommend using desensitizing toothpaste or applying desensitizing agent to the tooth. It is also possible that you would need a root canal procedure.

Pain around fillings: there are several explanations for pain around fillings, each resulting from a different cause.

Pain when you bite. This type of pain occurs when you bite down. The pain is noticed soon after the anesthesia wears off and continues over time. In this case, the filling is interfering with your bite. You will need to return to the dentist and have the filling reshaped.

Pain when your teeth touch. This pain is a very sharp pain that occurs only when your teeth touch and is caused by the touching of two different metal surfaces (for example, the silver amalgam in a newly filled crown on another tooth with which it touches). The pain should resolve by itself within a short period.

“Toothache-type” pain. If the decay was very deep to the pulp of the tooth, this “toothache” response tells us that tissue is no longer healthy. If this is the case, a root canal treatment is required.

Referred pain. This is pain or sensitivity in other teeth besides the one that received the filling, and there is likely nothing wrong with your teeth. The filled tooth is simply passing along “pain signals.” This pain should decrease on its own over one to two weeks.

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